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Please check the BCTF website for updated information regarding PSA Conferences 

For further information, click on the links below:
The Provincial Intermediate Teachers Association (PITA)  or   
BC Teacher-Librarians' Association Annual Provincial Conference (BCTLA) or  contact Sylvia Zubke at or Halia Hirniak at
BCTELA (BC Teachers of English Language Arts) 
APPIPC (Association Provinciale des Professeurs de l'Immersion et du Programme-Francophone BC) or .
BCMEA (BC Music Educators' Association) or Any questions, contact Ethan Shoemaker at
BCATA (BC Art Teachers' Association) or for more information, go to, or contact Jane Skipsey at:
BCATML (BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages).  For information visit
THESA (Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association)  For more information, go to  or e-mail, or Denise Nembhard at
EEPSA (Environmental Educators' PSA). Check  or contact for more details.
BCTLA (BC Teacher-Librarians' Association)  For more information, go to /, or contact Halia Hirniak at
BCAMT (BC Association of Mathematics Teachers). Check out  for more information.
BCScTA (BC Science Teachers' Association) or  or contact person
BCTEA (BC Technology Education Association). For more information, go to: . Contact person: Vicki Schenk,
BCBEA (BC Business Education Association). For more information, go to , or contact Harmale Sangha at 778-838-6578.
PAGE (BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education). For more information, go to: . Contact: Betty Gilgoff, 604-732-8941.
CUEBC (Computer-Using Educators of BC) or .
AEGTCCBC (Association for Educators of Gifted, Talented & Creative Children in BC) or . Contact person: Elizabeth Ensing or phone 604-574-0465.
BCEDLPSA (BC Educators for Distributed Learning PSA). For more information, contact Mike Silverton at or go to .
BCSSTA (BC Social Studies Teachers' Association) or go to: . For more information, go to: Any questions e-mail:
BCDEA (BC Dance Educators' Association). For more information, contact  or .
BCPTA (BC Primary Teachers' Association) or
ESLPSA (English as a Second Language Provincial Specialist Association) or go to .
BCCASA (BC Culinary Arts Specialist Association) or . For more information, contact Eric Mac Neill at



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